Nuclear Media

Adam Nocek

Adam Nocek discusses the geo-, bio- and necropolitical dimensions of nuclear media, and critically reviews the Nuclear Culture Roundtable that took place on 4 July 2019 at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Nuclear Culture Roundtable: Design for the Deep Future. Report

Following the Nuclear Culture Roundtable that took place at Het Nieuwe Instituut on 4 July 2019, and drawing on interviews with its participants, this article will look into possibilities of approaching nuclear culture differently in both near and distant future.

Interview with Ele Carpenter

Anastasia Kubrak (Researcher, Het Nieuwe Instituut) interviewed Ele Carpenter, the curator of Nuclear Culture project, on shifting roles of visual arts in relation to nuclear matter, and challenges of navigating polarized discussions.

Reading Matter

Reading Matter explores the relationship between design and matter from ecological, historical and sensory perspectives. What underpins the cultural difference between matter and material? And what are the possibilities for the non-exploitative forms of existence in the material world?

Sandlab Report